• Smart eHub’s mission is to identify collaborative projects for digitalization of all the relevant stakeholders such as: companies, clusters involved, research institutes and software companies, public authorities, and universities. For all parties, the objective is to stimulate technologically innovative capabilities in order for the region to deliver the services of the European Digital Single Market.
  • Smart eHub’s initiative represents a first step in supporting an efficient technological development and mapping the South-Muntenia & Bucharest region on the European map of digitization. Furthermore, our purpose is to support digitization through collaboration with different sectors of activity and to establish a culture of co-creation of technological joint solutions and products through a trans-sectoral collaboration, in various fields from education and creative industries to agriculture.
Smart eHub objectives are:

  • Develop a portfolio of digitalization services provided by Smart eHub to Startups & SMEs in region. The design of these services is done by our experts through several needs’ assessment activities
  • Building awareness on the need of SME to invest in digital skills and provide solution to this need through digital enablers, such as:
  • The annual Summit dedicated to digital transformation. The event primary targets are government, IT consultants, IT C-levels, fund donors, ventures capitals, investors, public sector, IT leaders
  • Make Smart eHub a well-known and recognized digital innovation hub at both local & international level, associated with Innovation and Excellence in business community support
  • Ensure Smart eHub resources for an effective, timely and quality response to address SMEs needs


All the actors involved in Smart eHub development are supporting in different ways, as follows:

  • Chambers of commerce & professional and non-professional associations: with lectures, conferences, general training offers, various articles with information about digital transformation
  • Competency and transfer of technology centers: with exchange of knowledge and experience, articles, information
  • Universities: curricula adapted to digital transformation for students, scientific trainings and site visits
  • Consultants: offer customized and adaptable concepts and solutions together with companies, support the process of national and EU funding programs

The Team

  • Emanuela Modoran – CEO of Smart Alliance cluster. She is an Executive-MBA graduate, with experience in Product and Service Development, Marketing Strategy and Distribution areas. She is an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit who developed and implemented demanding projects, with more than 15 years of experience in managing teams of high professionals in a multinational organization, global leader in telecom. Profile and field of expertise: 14 years of experience in agile Product Development, 5 years in Commercial Strategy& Business development within an international environment (in Vodafone Romania); Details on: https://www.linkedin.com/in/modoran-emanuela-9679243/?originalSubdomain=ro
  • Costin Lianu – General Manager at USH Pro Business, lecturer Ph.D. at the Faculty of Economic Sciences, Spiru Haret University; Associate Professor of Foreign Trade, Internationalization and Branding at the University of Bucharest, UNESCO Department. He is the representative of the Private Associations within the Romanian Export Council and a founding member of the Romanian Cluster Association – Clustero. He also coordinates the Romanian Export Development Network. He is Vice President of the Bio Romania Association, coordinating the management of the clusters BIO DANUBIUS, CERMAND, BIO CONCEPT PRAHOVA VALLEY. He was General Manager of the Ministry of Economy, the Export Development Directorate. He is the coordinator of Romania’s National Export Strategy. He is the national coordinator of the SUERD Priority Competitiveness Area. The field of scientific research covers the following areas: international trade, export management, internationalization, branding strategies and other marketing areas. Details on: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lianu-costin-a7ab8023/
  • Cristian Ormindean EEN & Innovation Management Consultant, Romanian Center for SME, Vice-President of ELINCLUS Cluster. More than 20 years of experience in public administration SME development policies, private NGO sector devoted to innovation, management development and SMEs internationalization.
  • Elena Unciuleanu – with her own company is a member of Smart Alliance cluster; she is also Founder & CEO at TechVentures, a private Tech Startup Incubator, the place where startups meet venture capital fund and offer free mentorship. Elena is a daring and innovative ICT entrepreneur. She was focused on engineering agile solutions able to accommodate the frequently changing regulation in banking. After gaining relevant experience in this field, in 2015 she founded the company Reporting Center where she creates reporting software solutions for the European banking market. In 2016, she launched Elite Reporting Platform – an innovative tool to accurately automate the Regulatory Reporting for Banks and other financial institutions. Details on: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elena-unciuleanu-a8468351/?originalSubdomain=ro
  • Cristina Ilie – Events & International Business Manager at USH Pro Business Center, and has excellent experience in organizing international events with a wide range of fields ranging from IT industry, furniture & interior design, technology & electricity to the fashion, marine, aviation & military industry and organic products industry, Wine & Beverage. Details on: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cristina-ilie-694b8223/?originalSubdomain=ro
  • Razvan Dinca – Marketing & Public Relations Specialist at Smart Alliance. His experience cover local and international events and he has a multi-disciplinary development. Focused on Public Relations, he has versatile skills in copywriting, photoshop, events management, media relations & crisis management. His experience includes sectors like ICT, HoReCa, FMCG, gaming (e-sports) and art & culture. https://www.linkedin.com/in/r%C4%83zvan-constantin-dinc%C4%83-4844a268/?originalSubdomain=ro
  • Alexandru Merfu –International Relation Expert at USH Pro Business, working and at the same time studying for his master at university. In the last 3 years working at USH the demonstrated ability to easily integrate into the work team, and to collaborate in order to accomplish the tasks with conscientiousness and perseverance.